Railfan Virginia

CSX Transportation
Florence (CSX), Richmond & Alleghany (BB)
Bellwood, Peninsula, Piedmont (BB)

AM Junction - SRN 0.6 (Bellwood), CA85.5 (Peninsula, BB)

Junction of BB's Piedmont Subdivision, and CSX's Peninsula and Bellwood Subdivisions
Coal train N015 calls a Slow Clear signal
at AM Junction, going from the Peninsula Subdivision to the Bellwood Subdivision
Hopper train E-503 calls a Medium Clear signal
at AM Junction, leaving the CSX Peninsula
Subdivision, entering the Buckingham Branch RR

Rock train K-966 calls a Medium Approach Medium
signal at AM Junction, leaving the Piedmont Subdivision (BBRR) to enter the CSX Peninsula Subdivision






CSX James River Subdivision BB North Mountain Subdivision