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Thank you for taking the time to visit and explore Railfan Virginia. I'm David Hawkins, and the gears in my mind never rest!

I'm a lifelong trackside-resident, and am proud to call Central Virginia my home. I've been snapping pictures since a young age, and having grown up just a stone's throw from the former Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac mainline, I've been at least watching trains throughout my life - I'm barely old enough to remember Amtrak's final years of F40PH's.

I got more seriously into photography during high school, but am not your classic case of having taken a photgraphy class and falling in love. In harmony with
an increased interest in photography, I purchased my first Hi-8 camcorder, and began my interest in videography. It wasn't until after high school when
I began capturing both moving and still images of railroad activity. But when the bug bit me, it bit hard.

The challenge of capturing both still images and video at the same time is one of my stimulants as a visual artist, and falls in line with the
challenge that comes from undergraduate work towards three bachelor's degrees. We are granted one life, why not make the most of it?

Railfan Virginia's creation was not with the purpose of having a platform which to display the results of my work and endeavors, rather to show a
combined effort amongst railfans who take pride in their surroundings and locales, and the willingness to turn that pride into education for others.

I hope you enjoy browing and exploring the pages that lie before you. I strive earnestly to ensure accuracy, but to err is human. If you spot an error,
see something you like, or would like to provide feedback, I hope you won't hesitate to email me at davidhawkinsphotography@gmail.com

In closing, the words of my mentor which helped fuel my inspiration for Railfan Virginia:
'You're given unique gifts and talents in this life; use them for the betterment of others, that they may seek to do the same.'

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